Health Spectra : Journal of Medical Service Centre

Publications Chapter – VII

  1. Health Spectra – Journal of Medical Service Centre.
  2. An Appeal of MSC – In English, Bengali and Odisha
  3. Pamphlet against – New Drug Policy 1994 by Chandigarh unit.
  4. Booklet against Kidney racket by Karnataka State.
  5. Swasthya Bikshan – Bengali Journal of West Bengal state since 1995.
  6. Bulletin – on Hospital and other Institution Bill 1987.
  7. Special Bulletin on Female Foeticide.
  8. Medicine for Mankind – Health For the People in Dec 1996.
  9. The Health Perspective – State Journal Published by Haryana MSC unit
  10. Resist Black Hospital Bill – A booklet Published by Haryana State Committee.
  11. ‘Swasther Sandhane’ – A Bengali Bulletin published by WB State Since 1990 until publication of Swasthya Bikshan.
  12. ‘Pictorial Pamphlet’ By WB State in Bengali.
  13. Special Bulletins – In Hindi and Punjabi by Chandigarh unit.
  14. ‘On Bhopal Gas Disaster’ – Hindi Book Published on 4th anniversary of the tragedy by M.P. Group in 1988.
  15. ‘Bhopal Gas Disaster’ – A Bengali Special Bulletin Published in 1985.
  16. ‘Bulletin on Murder of Staff Nurse Barnali Dutta’- MSC Published Spl. Bulletin in Bengali in 1982.
  17. 17.‘‘Janaswasthya Andoloner Ekti Raktakto Adhay’’ – Bengali Booklet about historic junior Doctors movement of W.B. in 1983.
  18. Special Bulletins – In Bengali covering ABJDF movement of WB in 1984.
  19. Special Booklet – on Short Medical Course, BRMS. Also in Odisa language.
  20. ‘‘Sarkari Maranphande Janswasthya’’ – on Introduction of Hospital Charges in Govt Hospital of WB, 1992.
  21. Swasthya Amar Adhikar – In Bengali in 1993.
  22. Approach paper for Central and Zonal Workshops on Privatisation of Health and crisis in medical ethics.
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