MBBCDS has given stress on the all round educational rehabilitation of the deprive section on the tribal and dolit Hindu and poor Muslim children in target areas of Birbhum in West Bengal and Jharkhand state.. To stop the drainage of national talents, aiming to make them productive and free from negligence, exploitation and harassment in different kind, the organization is rendering different services with active support for no of 100 child labour from the Ministry of labour Government of India, Hope Foundation, Iar Land support 120 tribal children ,AID America Lose Angels chapter support 95 poor dprive children and local people gave educational support to no of 150 children who are live at Jharkhand This year mbbcds cover no of 465-child & child labours in Education project.

MBBCDS has given packages of services for the children. It is enhancing the literacy and numerical skills and knowledge has to promote their formal education through mainstreaming in local formal school. Nutrition cooked food distribution daily. Homeopathy doctor intends to deliver health care through regular health check-up, and awareness generation to secure the personal health. Exposure visit to know the neighbor and environment and to scope the facility for child-to-child meet sports, games and cultural programme providing midday meal, study materials, school uniform and casual dress.organised teachers training, training for village education committee, training for parents ,training for community health, HIV/Aids.

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