Nitration garden for women health

Health can be a major part of work in the targeted areas. MBBCDS is involved in promoting awareness about personal health and hygiene especially adulation girls, adolescent & new mothers. Within the save motherhood and child survival in the remote tribal village, the health worker of MBBCDS provides counseling and health checkup with distributing medicine. The health worker also discusses at community level on food and nutrition, antenatal, natal, and postnatal care through various media for better health of mother and children.
For Adolescent health being major thrust area of the tribal, low cast of Hindu and Muslim communities, MBBCDS takes care with sincerest efforts to cover the issues through training, awareness programme, campaign and focus group discussion. It observes that the awareness generation of mothers regarding health has increased and at least they are now awaiting the facilities at PHC and BPHC. In addition, society provides vocational training to adolescent girls regarding Low Cost Sanitary napkin and kitchen gardening for adolescent mothers.
School health programme: Every week there is a class for basic health checkup, nail, teeth, hair etc.

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