Operation Area & Target people:

MBBCDS is mainly operating in more than 75 villages under Mahammad Bazar Block in the north-eastern part of Birbhum district and santragachi block in the dist of Howrah of West Bengal and Shikaripara Ps in Hirapur village at the state of Jharkhand. Topography of the area is undulating red soil and sloppy land. Part of the Birbhum is drought porn area with low agricultural productivity as the irrigation facilities are mainly concentrated in the areas of Moyourakhsi project . Annual average rainfall in this zone is about 1200 mm but distribution of rainfall is uneven.
Agriculture and Black stone mine is the local earning source of this area. There are no better agricultural land and agricultural facilities for the entire year due to shortage of irrigation water. as well as the santragachi block at sultanpur area is also had no any earning

opportunity for women ,though that area is garments industry but women are always abuse by powerful people. Adolescent girls always dropout from main streaming education system. The people cannot avail any job round of the year therefore, they cannot manage their food for the whole year & migrate to other villages, towns, and district in search of work to ensure food for the rest of the year.

Target Population:                                                                              


Sl no State District Subdivision block Taluk/GP


Village Road
1 West Bengal Birbhum Suri Mohammed bazaar Puran gramme No of 9 village ,kanadighi,sawpara, bansbuni,kadam gachya, shahanagar, tildanga, Batdanga, Heruka, srirampur letpara
do do Sekhaddha No of 7village like sekkedha 1-6 and sonthsal
do do Deucha No of 8 village ,Deucha 1-5.Jambuni, shalbuni, ,Mutharapahari,
do Sainthia Dereyapur No of three village ,bagdola Tribal pra,Tilpukhurer par, Shekargorer par
Rampurhat Muraroi 1 Murarai 1 Paniara, muramai,Bahadur pur , Gopalpur
Murshidabad Barhempur Vogoban gola ii Khariberiya nashipur No of village 5. Nashipur,kjariberiya, akhrigange, ranitala, bdopara
Howrah Howrah Sainkrial Panchpara No of 3 village Podra,chunavati,panchpara
do do Urban Santharagachi santragachi No of two village Bokopara ,chandravati
2 Jharkhand Dumka Dumka Shikaripara Herapur No of 11 village – herapur , pahartola , Mustagiri Para, Hsia tola, Kamar tola. Rashi tola, Bata tola, Chitra kuri, Dhobaghti Bagan tola,talapahari
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