Women Empowerment:

MBBCDS believe in sustainable development that can be fulfilled without the participation of women. To empower the women in proper way it should be ensured that women as a group and individual should play a major role in family and in the society. The practical situation is different, deprived women in rural Bengal is very disappointing. Due to illiteracy, lack of knowledge and ignorance of rights, social stigma and taboo .They are not enjoying the equal opportunities as that of men. Hence, the MBBCDS has felt the need of overall development of women folk in order to achieve backward community development. It is a worldwide fact that to strengthen the status of women in society their economic with legal rights stability and independence is to be indispensable. Thus for these reasons, income generation program has been taken up to strengthen the individual and the group.
The organization give importance on awareness programme, Muslim women Leader ship development training for panchyety Raj Institute. Education sponsor for Muslim adolescents girls, skill & knowledge building for women groups at village level in order to empower the backward women of its operational areas. Organization is also using these self-help groups as platform to generate knowledge among the members on various is sues of legal right, health, education and social development, and building up of their skills for managing the groups properly for sustainable development

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