WBCEA 2017

95 %
Raised: ₹95,215 / ₹100,000
Campaign Duration: 1869 Days

The Honorable Chief Minister
Government of West Bengal
Nabanna, Howrah.

Sub:Violence on Doctors & Health Professionals; indiscriminate uses of 304/ 304A/ POCSO& other acts on doctors; West Bengal Clinical Establishment Act 2017; gross infrastructure & man power deficit in government health system: Demanding Health For All.

Respected Madam,

We the undersigned are deeply concerned and pained in the matters of the spate of attacks on doctors & health professionals physically, also through litigation, arrests on false charges & clamping of non-bailable cases like IPC 304, POCSO & other laws of arrest pertaining to persecution of sexual offences which have been flared up manifolds in course of pushing in of WBCEA 2017. We are of the firm opinion that such steps can only serve to cover up the gross infrastructure & man power deficit in government health system.

The intense mistrust being generated between the medical profession and the people at large through various means is creating a climate totally incongruent with achieving good health. We strongly demand that all cases of attacks on professionals and vandalism of institutions should be given exemplary punishment without delay as per law of the land, & widely circulated; as such attacks destroy the edifice of Health, and prove that many clauses of theWBCEA2017 & the Commission is unable to exert any pro people & pro doctor role and curb vandalism.

Hence we unequivocally demand:
i) Stop attacks on doctors & health professionals
ii) Exemplary punishment of all culprits
iii) Amend WBCEA 2017 in the proper perspective
iv) Stop implementation of 304,304A, POCSO & other acts on doctors
v) Improve infrastructure and man power status as per IPHS
vi) Ensure Health For All in West Bengal.