National Health Policy 2017

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Honorable Shri Narendra Modi,
The Prime Minister of India
Government of India, New Delhi.

Sub: Memorandum regarding issues of health and right to health and Health Budget, the National Health Policy 2015 Draft which, we are apprehensive, will aggravate the health deprivation of our people, nutrition, sanitation and water supply and other related issues for your kind consideration towards amicable solution


Honourable Sir,

We submit to you on behalf of the medical profession of the nation, and concerned section of the citizens of the country at large, upon the sorry plight of the people’s health in most sections of our wide country. Medical Service Centre, a national level socio medical voluntary organization, comprising of senior medical teachers and scientists, specialist doctors, doctors of all system of medicine, nurses, medical technologist, pharmacist, paramedical staffs, village practitioners committed to stand by the people in disaster, distress and deprivation, has taken up the responsibility of voicing the professional point of view through a year-long nationwide move that was summed up in the 6th All India Conference on 15 – 16 October 2016 . There prevailed a strong feeling that this point of view has not been properly considered while framing the National Health Policy 2015 Draft (henceforth mentioned as NHP 2015). We like to humbly remind you that we had put an initial submission to you within the stipulated date of 10 March 2015 online, and also in hard copy, and in details personally on 5 May 2015 when the Honourable Health Minister Shri J P Nadda met us in the Parliament. More than thousand health professionals from across the country have congregated at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi today to voice their protest.

We like to draw your kind attention regarding the following matters. Though the sorry plight of the health of our people, and subsequent impoverisation due to not getting adequate free treatment even in government hospitals has been admitted in the NHP 2015 and solution through adequate budgetary allocation admitted in the Introduction, the latter part completely ignores this direction and foregoes this commitment, ultimately pushing the health of our people in doldrums. The direction and commitment that had been set by the Bhore Committee 1943-46, and Mudaliar Committee which is corroborated by our experience in the front from primary to tertiary level even now, we sadly notice is totally neglected in this NHP 2015, and we fear will be detrimental to the health of the people, but will be to the benefit of the health corporate and insurance sectors.

In this regards for the interest of health of the people, and the noble profession, we demand:

  1. i) Implement scientific, pro-people rational Health Policy; not a pro-Corporate and pro-Insurance National Health Policy 2015 Draft.
  2. ii) Stop privatization commercialization of Health & Medical Education system.

iii) Declare and implement Right to Health as a fundamental right.

  1. iv) Do not implement VISION 2015 and NEET without resolving ongoing debate and achieving uniformity and adequate standard.
  2. v) Abolish capitation fee based education system and short medical course.
  3. vi) Implement and strict measures to make standard quality of Generic Drugs & Devices under Public Sector and make available and affordable to common man.

vii) Allocate at least 10% of annual Union Budget for Health.

vii) Ensure adequate and proper government health infrastructure; fill up of all vacant posts with permanent posting, strictly implementation of scientific transfer-posting-promotion policy for doctors, nurses and all health staffs.

  1. x) Ensure proper scientific training and permanent posting of various health cadres created, like CHG, ASHA .
  2. xi) Enlist and provide adequate scientific training to Non-Registered Rural & Urban practitioners and absorb them in primary care, first aid, for implementation of National Health Programmes.

Thanking you,


Prof. (Dr.) Vinayak Nerliker  Dr. Tarun Mandal  Dr. Sudha K.       Dr.Bijnan K Bera  Dr. A S Dangi

President                            Vice President Vice President General Secretary       Org. Secy, 6AIC MSC


M e d i c a l     S e r v i c e     C e n t r e

Central Committee


Memorandum to PM 17 Oct 2016